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Our comprehensive service is intended to provide a working relationship with written documents to help the Client achieve all her financial objectives. These working documents typically include budgeting, cash flow management, retirement income, insurance, investments and tax and estate planning. Financial Planning is a process not an event, and we are committed to help manage the curves and potholes in the financial road of your life.

The initial set up process usually takes anywhere from two meetings to several meetings spanning a couple of weeks to several months. Subsequent phases require time and prior events to complete before moving ahead. This is a long term process and as such a mutually beneficial working relationship is required. The meetings are at the client's convenience at their home or office or our office as is most convenient to the Client.

The benefits to the client are tremendous:

  1. Determining a clear plan to follow resulting in peace of mind for the future.
  2. An available advisor who can clarify/explain issues in understandable terms: Easier decision making.
  3. Providing the best, most appropriate products that are competitive when needed and follow up service of those products.
  4. Long term follow-up to keep the client "on track" when things change.

Each of the above areas can be dealt with individually, but are often inter-connected which is why we offer comprehensive service as the best way to help coordinate all your financial concerns. The costs for our service vary from case to case but are paid as fees, commissions from products, or a combination. This is determined and agreed upon prior to any work being done.

You can reach me at: 404-245-8032 or go to the Contact page and submit a request.

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